Preferred, Inc. was established in 1972 as a small painting company and quickly grew to one of the nation’s largest contractors. Realizing the need to expand into other services, Preferred launched its flooring operation in 1992. Five years later, the company was split into three separate organizations, and the Indianapolis operation was purchased by John Norton. At this point, Preferred had expanded beyond regional clientele to a broad list of national customers, which included consulting work in Asia, Canada, Europe and Mexico. Therefore, in 2010, Preferred changed their name to PREFERRED GLOBAL, Inc. to better represent their business.

PREFERRED GLOBAL expanded to accommodate commercial clients by acquiring Shank Painting in 2016. Shank is a widely respected national commercial contractor that has been successfully completing projects for national retailers since the 1970s.

PREFERRED GLOBAL has built a strong partnership with customers by maintaining a knowledgeable and professional staff. Our employees are courteous, conscientious and conduct themselves in a manner that gains customers’ loyalty. We strongly believe that professionalism earns respect. PREFERRED GLOBAL will strive to earn your respect every day on every job. With extensive industry experience, we can be your polishing and epoxy flooring contractor, as well as your industrial and commercial painting contractor.

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