Case Study


With locations worldwide, Carrier is a world leader in high-technology across heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Rooted in building innovative and advanced technologies to improve global comfort and efficiency, Carrier understands that when their plants need services – time is of the essence.


  • 14+ years of experience with Carrier
  • Over $4 million dollars’ worth of completed projects
  • 3 locations:
    • Indianapolis, IN
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Athens, GA


The ¼” Clad & Coat floor system provides a durable floor against heavy machinery and foot traffic. This floor system provides line striping for safety. The “Carrier blue” is used throughout all facilities.

With over 14 years of experience in Carrier facilities, PREFERRED GLOBAL has worked from top to bottom in Carrier plants. PREFERRED GLOBAL has provided the following services for Carrier’s painting, polished concrete, and flooring system needs.


  • 3-Coat Systems
  • ¼” Clad & Coat
  • Urethane Slurry
  • Resinous Epoxy Coating


800 grit concrete polishing


  • Interior / Exterior Painting
    • Ceiling desks, Walls, Sprinklers, Columns, Doors
  • Machine / equipment painting

An 800-grit polished concrete floor is low maintenance and highly reflective. This system is extremely durable, eliminating the need for sealers or waxes.


The long-standing relationship allows PREFERRED GLOBAL to send the same crew in time after time. This consistency allows Carrier employees to build personal relationships with the crews. Working with Carrier over the years has also allowed PREFERRED GLOBAL to gain a strong understanding of the specific Carrier policies/procedures and plant layout.


PREFERRED GLOBAL has painted the entire Carrier facility consisting of ceiling decks, pipes, sprinklers, columns, walls, doors, etc. When working with equipment, PREFERRED GLOBAL takes extensive measurements to protect surrounding areas.

Using PREFERRED GLOBAL for the 3 different solutions has saved Carrier time, maximizing efficiency and minimizing project downtime by eliminating the need for Carrier to coordinate with multiple providers. When Carrier needs a quick fix, PREFERRED GLOBAL is able to get a team in quickly and get the job done correctly.

Businesses gain more than a one-time completed project when using PREFERRED GLOBAL – they benefit from a lifelong partnership.

The Urethane slurry flooring system helps contain liquid chemicals and elevates moisture.


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