Case Study


In 35 countries worldwide, Faurecia is a global leader in automotive seating, interior systems, and emissions control technologies. Faurecia is an endorsed partner of the world’s largest automakers and a top innovator in the automotive industry, excelling in state-of-the-art technology and equipment.


  • 80,000 Square Foot Industrial Ceiling Deck & Painting: Acrylic Dryfall
  • Adjacent walls: Industrial Enamel Paint

“The painting looks great. Everyone who sees it is very impressed with our facility.”

Faurecia needed to execute a complex painting project at their Franklin, OH facility. This project consisted of over 80,000 square feet of ceiling deck, pipes, and walls that needed to be painted quickly to ensure minimal disruption to production. They called PREFERRED GLOBAL to get it done.

PREFERRED GLOBAL used acrylic dryfall to coat the ceiling deck, granting a long-lasting bond and ensuring as little waste as possible throughout the project. The walls and pipes were coated in an industrial enamel that will withstand high temperatures and the rough usage normally seen in a factory setting.

Faurecia’s major concern was completing the project with minimal production interruption. PREFERRED GLOBAL leveraged a holiday weekend to coat the plant’s most critical production areas and worked closely with facility managers to prioritize time and resources. PREFERRED GLOBAL’s team worked nights and weekends to allow Faurecia’s production schedule to remain intact and limit downtime.

Protecting the facility’s top-end equipment was of utmost importance. Through extensive experience, PREFERRED GLOBAL has perfected systems that carefully protect plant equipment and other surfaces from exposure to paint. PREFERRED GLOBAL’s team was able to effectively and diligently shield all equipment and materials. Faurecia was able to continue running smoothly and efficiently throughout the duration of the project.

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