Case Study

Nike, Inc.

PREFERRED GLOBAL has been working with Nike, Inc. for over 14 years, providing customized concrete flooring solutions across a number of our Retail concepts throughout North America.


  • Concrete Floor Polishing
  • Polishable Overlay
  • Stenciling
  • Painting
  • Epoxy


“We worked with 30-40 different vendors for the Kissimmee project, and PREFERRED GLOBAL was the only one we never had to worry about. They always showed up when they said they would and provided great workmanship.”

Gary C. | Lakeview Construction

The Nike Factory Store in Kissimmee, Florida came to PREFERRED GLOBAL seeking a flooring solution that would stand up to the high demand that hundreds of thousands of customers generate annually. With their existing concrete substrate in very poor condition, Nike needed a solution to fix the pop-outs, holes, patches, and trenches that covered their current floor. PREFFERED GLOBAL recommended installing a cementitious topping over the damaged substrate to provide a consistent and flawless finish throughout the entire sales floor. This project entailed pouring and polishing 16,000 square feet of 3/8 inch polishable overlay (TRU-PC) in 3 weeks to meet an extremely tight project schedule.

The overlay installation process included grinding the original concrete substrate to create a surface profile, priming the substrate, and broadcasting sand in order for the cementitious overlay to adhere to it. TRU-PC offers an extremely quick turnaround, meaning that only 12 hours after being poured, PREFERRED GLOBAL was able to start the grinding and polishing process. This is particularly beneficial when meeting strict project deadlines as it does not impede other construction trades activities. This concrete floor started as a rough, deteriorating, spalled slab and was transformed into a flawless and consistent floor polished to a 1,500-grit finish.


“PREFERRED GLOBAL is a fantastic partner. When they are on a job, I know everything will get done, and any issues that arise will be fixed.”

Courtney B. | Nike, Inc.

The remodel of this 9,000-square-foot retail location required extensive work to redo the existing sales floor. Working in a tropical climate presented many challenges. The concrete was soft, porous, and crumbled easily; the ground was prone to movement and shifting, which made the concrete more likely to crack; densifier had to be applied earlier in the polishing stage, making it harder to achieve the high gloss; and the list continued. Despite these challenges, PREFERRED GLOBAL delivered a 1,500-grit polished floor with a rating of 65 on the gloss meter that made the floor look brand new.

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